Holding Up The Heavens

Hercules held up the heavens for Atlas. That was his benchmark.
  • Pullups went from 16 to 20. (the 20 reps were done at a 10 kilo heavier bodyweight.
  • Simple & Sinister lifts started with 24 K and ended with 32 K.
  • Body fat moved from 16% down to 10–11%.
  • Best results were doing all three segments every day for 6 days per week.
  • Alternating the days made “getting started” harder, but manageable.
  • Warm Up: 3 rounds of 5 reps, Kettlebell Halo, Prying Goblet Squat and Hip Bridge.
  • Kettlebell Swing, 10 sets of 10 repetitions.
  • Turkish Get Up, 5 sets of 1L/1R
  • Warm Down: 3 rounds of 90/90 and Straddle stretches.
Photo: Pavel Macek, Strongfirst
  • Instead of Halos. Club Bell Shield Casts or Goat Bag Halos.
  • Instead of Prying Goblet Squats. Weighted Carries, Bulgarian Split Squat or Kettlebell Hack Squats.
  • Instead of Hip Bridge. Hyperextensions, Windmills, “Table” Position.
  • Alternative Swings. Add bands or Swing Outside the Legs.
  • Alternative Get Ups. Heavier Half Get Ups with a Bridge or Arm Bar, Getup, Windmill combo.
  • Instead of Running. Walking, Rowing, Rucking, Swimming, Biking or Cardiovascular Machine work.
  • Variations in Fighter Pull Ups. Gironda Chins, Weighted Pull Ups or Gorilla Pull Ups.
  • Variations to Stretches. Jump Stretch resistive stretching, yoga or isometric stretching.
  • Off days do a S&S session followed by a ruck.
  • BJJ days do pull ups after class to spare the grip for technique work and traction the body a bit. Then do resistive stretching to keep joints healthy.
  • Mountain bike and hard yoga.
  • S&S and Fighters Pullup.
  • S&S and Fighter’s Pull Up, 2X per week.
  • Rowing Machine and Jump Stretch Flexibility 2X per week.
  • Strength work is general, measurable and manageable.
  • Aerobics are aerobics and not, “lifting weights fast”.
  • Range of motion or flexibility is a critical component and not afterthought.
  • Power to weight ratio is gauged by pull ups. It’s an ability that fades with age when not addressed.
  • Aging markers related to physical robustness are addressed such as grip, leg strength, balance and core stiffness.



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Tom Furman

Tom Furman

Tom Furman has been involved in martial arts and fitness most of his life. He’s currently a fitness coach and been blogging since 2005. www.tomfurman.com