The 2: Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

  • Vary the type of complex
  • Vary the weight
  • Vary the reps
  • Vary the sets
  • Vary the equipment, kettlebells, sandbags, clubbells, dumbbells
  • Height of the box
  • Pace of stepping using a metronome
  • Adding resistance
  • How you add resistance. pack, vest, dumbbells, barbell, sandbag
  • How you hold resistance. At your sides, Zercher, racked or overhead
  • How long you step up.
  • Day One, Complex, Day Two, Steps, Day Three, Easy Aerobics, Core and Stretch. Repeat.
  • Day One, REST Day, Day Two, etc.
  • Day One, Day Three, Day Two, Day Three, Rest.



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Tom Furman

Tom Furman

Tom Furman has been involved in martial arts and fitness most of his life. He’s currently a fitness coach and been blogging since 2005.