The Vagabond Method

  1. Pull Up To The Chest
  2. Planche Push Up
  3. Knee Raise
  4. Goblet Squat
  5. Alternating Dead Kettlebell Cleans.
  1. Commando Pull Up
  2. Feet Elevated Push Up
  3. Twisting Knee Raise
  4. Hack Squat
  5. Dead Stop Kettlebell Swings
  1. As a giant set. One after another with a brief rest after the last exercise. Then repeat. 3 to 8 cycles are recommended.
  2. As a singular set. The volume can be up to you.
  3. As a super set. 1 alternated with 2. 3 alternated with 4. Do the 5th for 6–10 minutes straight.
  4. Seek a higher volume due to using body weight exercise. Many lower rep sets may be the best so form remains constant.
  1. Kettlebell Suit Case Carry
  2. Bear Crawl
  1. Kettlebell Racked Carry
  2. Crab Crawl



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Tom Furman

Tom Furman

Tom Furman has been involved in martial arts and fitness most of his life. He’s currently a fitness coach and been blogging since 2005.